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All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

A new Lorde video, a Doja Cat apparel collection, a short film to accompany Niki’s new album, finally a release date for Britney Spears and Elton John’s collaboration — it was a great week for pop, and we haven’t even gotten to the tunes yet.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Blackpink — “Pink Venom”

Blackpink’s long-awaited comeback was no casual affair. “Pink Venom,” their new song, secured their royal status, as the music video instantly became the biggest YouTube premiere of 2022, and the platform’s third biggest ever. And it’s no wonder why; the track is immersive and endlessly fun and full of attitude, and the grandiose video only makes it better.

Anitta, Missy Elliott — “Lobby”

Brazilian pop star Anitta joined forces with Missy Elliott for “Lobby,” a stylish, infectious track with an addictive melody and a luxurious video that brings it to life. It’s an earworm that will imbue its listener with a strong sense of confidence.

Demi Lovato — “Happy Ending”

Holy Fvck, Demi Lovato’s powerful new album, is an emotional rollercoaster. Even the song “Happy Ending” alone is full of highs and lows, but at its core it’s optimistic and inspiring as she grapples with all that she’s struggled with and where she is now.

Daya — “Her”

Daya’s EP In Between Dreams is coming soon, and the catchy “Her” is just a taste of it. The song is a colorful, fluttering journey buoyed by Daya’s gorgeous vocals as she sings about longing and desire, creating visceral images with her poetic words: “When you lie on your back are you thinking of me / How we used to go on a drive until you’d run out of your cigarettes.”

Chloe Moriondo — “Fruity”

Pop wunderkind Chloe Moriondo has never been afraid to experiment with her sound, and she went all out for this anthemic track “Fruity,” which bursts with humor and autotune. It’s skittish, explosive, and enthused — basically the sonic equivalent of a sugar rush.

Juliana Madrid — “Pretend”

Rising star Juliana Madrid has a knack for capturing the complicated essence of youth. “Pretend” exemplifies this perfectly, especially with its music video, which is set at a hazy house party. The song encapsulates the feverish texture of teenage years, and listening to it can feel like reliving it.

J. Maya — “Sunday Crossword”

Like Niki, J. Maya’s strong suit is storytelling lyricism, and “Sunday Crossword” immediately flexes this muscle by telling a tale of a relationship gone awry. The lines are creative and compelling, beckoning the listener to enter the complex drama in her life.

Lukas Graham, Khalid — “Wish You Were Here”

The music video for Lukas Graham and Khalid’s collaboration “Wish You Were Here” opens with a paragraph of text, starting with the line, “It’s an anthem to the best friends.” How often do we get songs about best friends? “Wish You Were Here” is a necessary ode to friendship, and the pair do a great job of emphasizing the importance of it.

Ruel — “You Against Yourself”

Ruel’s new song “You Against Yourself” in many ways feels like a call-out: “You made all this conflict / Brought it upon yourself / Is this what you wanted? / I can’t even tell,” he sings over an upbeat, sputtering rhythm. It still retains hope as he repeats the refrain: “I’m rooting for ya.”

Marren Morris, Zedd — “Make You Say”

Marren Morris is confident on her collaboration with Zedd, proclaiming over a building beat: “You’ll learn one day / I’m one in a million.” Full of attitude and catchy rhythms, the pair clearly have musical chemistry; “Make You Say” is a great revenge anthem.

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