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Eric Trump Claims That ‘Everybody’ On His Flight Came Over To Tell Him They Were 100 Percent Behind His Family

Given that Donald Trump won just 46.8 percent of America’s vote during the 2020 presidential election, it would stand to reason that at least half of the people on any commercial flight would not have voted for Trump. Yet when Eric Trump hops a plane to just about anywhere, he (by his own account) is immediately flanked by well-wishers who are desperate to tell him how much they love him and his family — “Fasten Seat Belt” signs be damned!

On Monday night, Eric sat down with Newsmax and told a story about how just yesterday morning he had been on a flight and could feel the love as if it were a bout of turbulence:

The energy on that flight! Everybody came up to me: ‘Sorry what these people are doing to your family. Your father has to go out there. You have our vote. You have our entire family’s vote. You’ve got our entire street’s vote.’

Everybody I know really wants him to run again. [The FBI has] really pissed off everybody… People know exactly what this is, and that’s weaponization of the legal system for political means.


This isn’t the first time an entire plane full of people have, according to Eric, swarmed him with love. Just last month, also on Newsmax, he told a strikingly similar tale about a flight to Las Vegas and spontaneous chanting:

I walked on and the plane literally started chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’ Greg, the American people get it. I think there’s more love out there than ever right now. I’m hugged by people every single day saying, you know, ‘Thank God we had your father in the White House.’