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People Are Loving Joe Biden’s ‘Dark Brandon’ Response To A Reporter Asking If His (Modest) Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is ‘Unfair’

Joe Biden didn’t have the best first year-and-a-half in office. He got a lot done, but he was also hampered by forces outside his control: quisling Democrats; an out-of-control Supreme Court; fellow party leadership that seemed under-motivated. By mid-summer, he’d suddenly found his mojo, and it’s been one bold move after another — all while his predecessor finally, belatedly seemed to (maybe) get his comeuppance.

On Wednesday, he added another success story: He offered (modest) student loan forgiveness to millions and millions of Americans. It could have been better; it wasn’t a total erasure, as some had hoped. But it was enough to aggravate all the right people, namely those on the right, some of whom themselves had even larger PPP debts forgiven. But when pressed on his not-that-controversial decision, Biden wasn’t backing down

After addressing the forgiveness plan, which won’t take effect until later this year, Biden was heading for the door when ABC News correspondent Karen Travers asked if it was “unfair to people who paid their student loans or chose not to take out loans.”

But Biden was ready. “Is it fair to people who, in fact, do not own multi-billion-dollar businesses if they see one of these guys getting all the tax breaks? Is that fair?” he asked rhetorically. “What do you think?”

Biden’s quick response had people, some of whom had been underwhelmed by his presidency thus far, calling it straight-up badass.

Others used it to slam his critics, including those who have hypocritically accepted loan forgiveness themselves.

And so Biden had another “Dark Brandon” win, referring to the epithet he’s since managed to spin as a win. Lets go Dark Brandon.