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‘The Masked Singer’ Hints At Tom Brady Appearing On The Show Despite Brady Saying He Did Not

Tom Brady is back in training camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which ends the strange saga of his leave of absence from the team. Brady disappeared from the Bucs for a little bit during camp for no explicitly stated reason, which led to internet sleuths doing some digging and coming up with a very entertaining theory that Brady left the team to appear on Fox’s The Masked Singer.

The general idea behind the theory is Brady signed a contract to join Fox when he retires and the filming dates lined up with when he was gone. Ultimately, Brady denied that he appeared on the show in a tweet. But guess what, folks: We have yet another update here, this time from TMZ Sports, which acquired a clip from the show in which Ken Jeong guesses that a contestant might be Brady or Peyton Manning. The show’s official Twitter account decided to have some fun with this, too.

If you want to watch the clip, you can click on that TMZ link and check it out, but I have some skepticism that this is Brady. My argument is this: A quick Google search tells me that Nick Cannon stands 6-feet tall. While conceding that the contestant is wearing a big ol costume, and that camera angles can be tricky and what not, it appears that the person in the contestant’s shoulders do not come up to Cannon’s. Brady, of course, stands 6’4.

All of this comes with the caveats that we do not know what the contestant sounded like, nor do we know the hints that were given for them before their performance. We’ll see what happens when The Masked Singer airs this month.