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A TikTok Vocal Coach Teared Up When Billie Eilish Followed His Singing Advice On Her Own Song

On July 2, Billie Eilish shared a rendition of “Listen Before I Go” on TikTok, but it was an atypical sort of performance. The video was a duet of a clip from UK vocal coach and pianist Sheridan Coldstream, in which he instructs vocalists to sing the song while he plays it on piano. He also noted that there’s a part of the song where they might want to try a vocal approach different than the one Eilish takes on the album version.

Well, as Eilish sang along to the song, she took Coldstream’s advice, which had an emotional impact on him.

In a new BBC interview about the video, Coldstream said, “There’s a bit in the song where she normally goes down. I suggested that some singers may want to take it higher and she did exactly that, so I was gobsmacked. It was immensely exciting and I found the whole thing very moving; it made me tear up several times.”

He also said of his initial reaction to the video, “I was gobsmacked. Came inside, shouted upstairs to my daughter who was in her bedroom. I said, ‘Guess what? You know that Billie Eilish duet I uploaded?’ She went, ‘Yes yes.’ I wanted maximum impact on this. And she said, ‘What, what?’ I said, ‘Guess who’s duetted it?’ ‘I don’t know, dad!’ I said, ‘Billie Eilish,’ and her response was words I can’t really repeat on TV.”