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Jesse Watters Is ‘Concerned’ That The Supreme Court’s Abortion Ban Is Going To Bite Republicans In The Ass HARD In The Midterm Elections

It wouldn’t have taken some sort of brilliant mathematician or even a halfway decent political analyst to figure out that the Supreme Court’s bold move to overturn Roe v Wade — a nearly 50-year-old decision that the vast majority of Americans are totally fine with —would have a ripple effect when it comes to the midterm elections. Case in point: Even Fox News’ Jesse Watters knows enough to be concerned.

As Mediaite reports, the brilliant minds on The Five spent part of Wednesday discussing the results of Tuesday’s primaries, and really just wanted to celebrate the fact that it wasn’t a great night for progressive Democrats, a.k.a “The Squad” in Fox News parlance, but Watters, who always looks somewhere between troubled and constipated, admitted that he actually was worried about some of what he saw on Tuesday. Namely: In races where abortion seemed to be one of the biggest issues, pro-choice candidates seemed to have the edge.

Jeanine Pirro, who never had a student loan, took a few minutes away from being mad about student loan forgiveness to note that people had talked about Dobbs decision “not really affecting that many people,” but seemed to sense that maybe the number-crunchers were wrong when they predicted that people wouldn’t care about women being stripped of their bodily autonomy and the right to make decisions about their own health care. Wow, ya think?! When she asked Watters whether he thinks Republicans should be concerned, he made it clear that his answer was yes:

“I am concerned about it. So they should be concerned about it. Yeah, I’m a little concerned about it. I am concerned. I mean, it’s a big concern. All right. I’m not going to lie.”

You can watch Jesse Watters be a little concerned, a normal amount of concerned, and very much concerned at Mediaite here.

(Via Mediaite)