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Mashup of long-gone sounds from the ’80s and ’90s is a burst of pure nostalgia

The parts of our brains responsible for processing senses are also used for storing emotional memories. That’s why when we smell, hear or see things from the past we get that irresistible, bittersweet feeling of nostalgia.

A new video posted by @Rerunthe80s on TikTok is giving everyone who grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s the feels.

Gen X and older millennials, I’m looking at you.

In a TikTok called “Sounds from your childhood!” Rerunthe80s lays out a challenge. “I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are!” the post reads.

The video is a series of quick clips that focus on the sounds of VHS tape boxes, VCRs, a rotary phone, the Velcro on a Trapper Keeper, the clicky-clack of a Walkman and more fun sounds that a lot of folks haven’t heard in decades.

“Holy cow, can anyone else smell these memories or is that just me?” Troy J commented. “Never thought I would miss these sounds,” Jurine Nieddu added.


🔊 Sounds from your childhood! 🔊 I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are! #1980s #1990s #genx #80skid #90skids

Kayden Kaidence perfectly described the vibe of the TikTok and the era when she said, “Everything had that nice chunky plastic sound to it, I miss those days,” she wrote

The funny thing is that most of those devices have now been replaced by smartphones. If someone told us back in the day that you could play music, movies and call people all on a device that fits in your pocket, no one would have believed them.