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Mike Judge Is Producing An Animated Show From A ‘Rick And Morty’ Writer For Peacock

Mike Judge and Greg Daniels’ production outfit Bandera Entertainment is already making an animated Exploding Kittens show, and an animated show with Sacha Baron Cohen, but they’re adding to their workload with a series for Peacock from Rick and Morty writer Caitie Delaney and Human Resources writer Caleb Hearon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Best Buds will focus on Calvin, who helps run a family-owned flower shop that’s the “crown jewel of the local strip mall.” He and his grad-school dropout best friend Evelyn take on the adventure of dragging the store out of the 1980s. It’s a noble task, especially when every other entity on the planet is trying to crawl back to the 1980s for nostalgia bucks. It’s a sweet idea, and it’s only a little surprising that the title isn’t a marijuana pun (although there’s totally still time for that to happen). Rick and Morty and Human Resources have similar, wacky, high-blood-pressure vibes, but it’s unclear whether that’s the tone Best Buds is going for.

Created by Delaney and Hearon, the show is a baby step toward adult animation for Peacock which currently has exactly zero adult animation shows. It also represents an expansion of the empire lorded over by Judge and Daniels, who are potentially getting back into the King of the Hill business while shepherding younger talent in the adult animation game.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)