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An Investigation Into The Video Of James Harden Throwing A Cake Off A Yacht

It’s a Friday afternoon in August, which means the closest thing to NBA news right now is a video of James Harden celebrating his birthday on a yacht and launching a birthday cake into the ocean for reasons that are not known.

You have probably seen this video somewhere on social media, but we here at Dime want to take a closer look because there are a number of questions we have about the cake incident and why it happened.

First off, the cake is quite obviously fake. It does not change structure when it is tipped over at a 90-degree angle before being launched off of the yacht. Harden also does not have any icing on his right hand after grabbing the base layer, and despite being a four-layer cake, it goes flying into the ocean after an incredibly gentle flick by Mr. Harden.

So that begs the question, why would there be a fake cake at James Harden’s yacht celebration? Why would he not have an actual cake? If he didn’t want an actual cake, why bother bringing a fake cake at all? Beyond that, why throw the fake cake into the ocean? We’re littering now, James? C’mon man, that’s not cool. I think the answer to all of these questions is “why not?” which I guess is a good enough reason as James seemed to enjoy launching the cardboard cake into the water to the confusion of the DJ and everyone else.