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Surprise! There Are Apparently Secret Tunnels Under Mar-a-Lago — And People Have Some Thoughts

If the FBI needs to return to Mar-a-Lago to retrieve more classified material, they might want to head underground. In what is largely a matter of pure coincidence, a new book reveals info that has been staring the world in the face for nearly a century: Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home and golf club has underground tunnels connecting its buildings, with one leading directly to the sea.

As The Week reports, this little nugget of news is mentioned in Andrew Kirtzman’s upcoming book, Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor. Earlier this week, The Guardian revealed that the book tells the story of how Rudy Giuliani’s failed presidential run in 2008 hit the former New York City mayor pretty hard. So much so that Rudy fell into a deep depression and began drinking to excess, according to his then-wife Judith. It was Trump, of all people, who helped Giuliani heal. “We moved into Mar-a-Lago and Donald kept our secret,” Judith told Kirtzman. But it was a tiny detail noted in the story that has sparked a lot of people’s imagination. As Martin Pengelly wrote in The Guardian:

The former mayor and his wife, Kirtzman writes, moved into a bungalow across the street from Mar-a-Lago but connected by a tunnel underneath South Ocean Boulevard, one of many little known passages and rooms beneath the expansive resort. The secret route allowed the couple to come and go from Trump’s home without the media knowing.

Underground tunnel? While the floor plans for the sprawling estate have been available through the Library of Congress for years, this is the first many had heard about the passageways. And Twitter, as always, had some thoughts…

(Via The Week)