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The Trailer For ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza’ Looks Both Appetizing And Emotional

The Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table returns on September 7th with what looks to be the series’ best season ever, Chef’s Table: Pizza. Nothing beats pizza, and a whole season that focuses on the art of the perfect pie is sure to rival even the biggest shows fighting for your attention right now. Seriously, ask yourself — do you really want to watch an hour of Game of Thrones dragon f*ckery or spend an hour salivating at beautifully shot pizza porn with pies that look so good you can taste them through the screen?

Our money is on the pizza. Hell, an NYC touring episode is practically written out right here.

The new season will center around the six chefs who are currently elevating the art form of the perfect pie, including legends like Chris Bianco, Gabriele Bonci, Ann Kim, Franco Pepe, Yoshihiro Imai, and Sarah Minnick as we bounce between Phoenix, Caiazzo and Rome, Minneapolis, Portland, and Kyoto. Clearly the show aims to offer a slice for every sort of pizza fan out there. Whether you’re all about those classic red sauce mozzarella pies or prefer something a little bit more decorative and inventive, Chef’s Table: Pizza looks to have it all.

Aside from the varied styles of pizza we see, it looks like the new season is going to have a lot of emotional range as well, with insanely quotable lines like, “When we make dough, there is no machine behind it, there are only the arms and the mind of the man” along with heavily emotional moments that examine the tortured souls of artists who become consumed by their medium. It’s wild stuff and this season looks right up there with series creator David Gelb’s Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Check out the trailer for the new season above and catch Chef’s Table: Pizza on Netflix on September 7th.