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Trevon Diggs On The Cowboys ‘Special’ Group And How He’s Always Going To Play His Way

Trevon Diggs had a breakout in his second season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, as the former Alabama standout piled up a league-high 11 interceptions as the premier ballhawk in the NFL.

Entering the 2022 season, the Cowboys are the favorites to win the NFC East and are looking to put all of their talented pieces together into a group that can become a real contender for the first time in a long time. Diggs, along with fellow young standout Micah Parsons, bring some youth and an edge to the defense, while Dak Prescott gets ready for his seventh season under center for the Cowboys, helming an offense that has the potential to put up big numbers on a weekly basis.

With the season just a couple weeks away, we got to talk with Diggs earlier this week on behalf of his new partnership with SAXX Underwear alongside his brother, Stefon. The defensive-minded of the Diggs brothers told us why he thinks this defense in Dallas can be “special” in 2022, why he doesn’t like the “aggressive” label, playing his way, and how he and Stefon help make each other better on the field.

How has training camp gone so fa and how are you feeling with the season a couple weeks away?

I’m super excited for the season. I’m ready just to get out there and you know, being able to go out there and compete with my teammates, you know, try to get a Super Bowl.

What is what’s the biggest difference in your approach coming into camp now from when you came into the league?

I know what to expect. I know what’s out there. A lot of football under my belt now, so just knowing the ins and outs of everything and really just ready to go out there and compete.

You got this partnership with with SAXX. How did that come about? And what was it like getting to shoot this spot with with Stefon?

It was really cool, this being one of the first things we’ve done together. It’s been really good. I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s pretty catchy but pretty cool. Just the opportunity, we’re thankful for it. We’re excited to make the SAXX world grow and just help out as much as we can.

Having a brother who’s starred in the league and stars at the position that you go up against every day. How do you guys push each other and make each other better? Because I’m sure you talk plenty and spend plenty of time together in the offseason.

Just being able to ask a question about everybody. Him being familiar with the position and him going against guys. Obviously, you know, I can ask him about stuff about receivers and he can ask me stuff about corners, or whatever looks or things we see. We’ve got that relationship where we touch base at least once a week to discuss everything and just to see what we know and pick our brains a little bit. So it’s always been a blessing to be able to have that.

The Bills are one of the favorites in the AFC, you guys are one of the favorites in the NFC. Do you guys let each other dream about what it’d be like to go up against each other in the Super Bowl? As that’s a real possibility.

It’s a possibility [laughs]. A real possibility. But we try not to talk about it as much as just go through the year and whatever happens, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

What for you specifically are the things that you’ve been working on this offseason and looking to to bring into year three on the field?

Just my game, you know, just improving. Doing things a little differently, taking more of a leadership approach to trying to help out everybody — help the young guys. Just do anything I can to help this team win, honestly. Like I said, I got a couple years under my belt now, got a lot of football under my belt.

What have you learned about — obviously you’re aggressive and going after the ball and interceptions are a big part of your game. What have you learned about balancing that with with trying to limit big plays and maybe picking your spots and that sort of thing?

I don’t like the term aggressive. I play football you know if I see something I’m gonna react. It’s not like I’m not gonna react. I know a lot of people take that for me being aggressive or playing a certain type of way. I really just honestly know, I just know what’s going on. I know. So I react. And it may look like it’s aggressive, it may look like I’m guessing or something but I just know. I don’t know how to explain it.

But you know, I just go out there and play my game how I play my game. I don’t try to be like nobody else. I just do things how I do them and at the end of the day we play man almost every play. So there’s not much that you know — there’s a lot of things that you can run back and stop man or do whatever you need to do to help your football team know. So I just tried to help my team win as much as possible, and that’s just what I’m here for.

Do you like that that challenge of being the DB on on a team that does play a lot of man and giving that chance where you know, you know it’s going to be one-on-one a decent amount of the time?

Yeah, for sure, because only a certain amount of people can play man. We’re one of the teams that plays man. And that just says a lot about us and our defense.

What have you seen from the from the rest of the group in camp and what what are you most excited about going into the season for this defense as a unit?

We got another year together. You know, last year just that being our first year that we put up amazing numbers as a defense. So us being familiar with everything, everybody, everyone knows their role. This defense could be really special.

And then on the other side you get to go up against Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and those guys every day. What are you seeing from the offense that fans should be excited about in Dallas?

Yeah they should be excited about the whole season and the whole team you know. We got some special guys on this team and we just trying to bring home another Super Bowl.