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Beer Was Free During The Northwestern-Nebraska Game In Ireland Because The Computers Were Down

It is Week 0 of the college football season. While there aren’t a ton of games happening, there are a few choice options on the schedule, with the most prominent of the bunch being the Big Ten West battle between the Northwestern Wildcats and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The game isn’t taking place in Evanston or Lincoln — instead, the two teams hopped on some planes and flew across the pond to Dublin for the latest college football game to happen in Ireland.

The game did take a very interesting turn at one point, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the football game. Apparently, the computers went down at Aviva Stadium, which meant that no one could buy beer. Instead of preventing people from getting something to drink, however, the solution to this problem was apparently to just hand out free cups of beer.

As it turns out, people like when they are offered free beer. Video recorded in the stadium of insanely long lines and packed concession areas, as fans, well, imagine you were told “hey the computers are down and they’re giving everyone free beer, wanna go grab one?”

An earnest congratulations to everyone who paid thousands of dollars to fly to Ireland for this game and got a free beer out of it.