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People Are Already Rooting For The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Alliance That Surfaced During ‘The Rogue Prince’

Spoilers for House of the Dragon will be found below.

House of the Dragon has only aired two episodes thus far, but the Game of Thrones prequel has already taken a turn for the icky. We saw maggots and King Viserys I picking a new bride, which led him to (very) briefly indulge the possibility of marrying (incredibly) young Laena Velaryon before declaring that he had chosen Alicent Hightower (much to the disappointment of Princess Rhaenyra). Let’s just say that the king was distracted, and he was also dragging his feet on the issue of the Crabfeeder, so that freed up space for other powers that be to maneuver in the background.

That’s the name of this spinoff’s game, at least in these early stages, and we’ve already named this episode’s Contenders and Defenders, but let’s check in on what the people want, which is what they’re getting. Messy Prince Daemon Targaryen came together with Coryls Velaryon to forge a powerful alliance that was infused with their respective saltiness towards Viserys. Daemon, of course, feels jilted by not being named heir, and he’s not thrilled what went down this week at Dragonstone. Whereas Coryls is upset about his daughter being turned down as a prospective Viserys bride (along with the king’s aforementioned foot dragging).

The alliance arrived with a twist, though. Daemon didn’t shy away from letting Coryls know that only one of them is allowed to “talk sh*t” about Daemon’s brother.

Beyond that incredible detail, let’s just say that people are pretty thrilled to see Daemon and Coryls team up at all and can’t wait to see what happens to that Crabfeeder.

The celebrations continued with some (arguably) apt comparisons.

Episode 3 should be fun!

House of the Dragon airs at 9:00pm EST on Sundays.