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John Oliver Married A Cabbage On ‘Last Week Tonight’ With Steve Buscemi As An Officiant (It’s A Long Story)

John Oliver has spent the summer doing what we’re all doing: worrying. When he’s not meticulously tackling issues both grandiose and seemingly mundane, all while slipping in asides about everything from Dr. Oz’s flailing congressional campaign to Dakota Johnson’s (untrue) love of limes. But now it’s the end of summer, and so he did what everyone expected: He married a cabbage.

It all started with a segment on DALL-E, the AI meme service that allows users to type in oddly specific image requests and get back some shockingly accurate and creative responses. It’s created some shockingly out-there pictures. But perhaps stranger than the roast beef superhero DALL-E is this: People have requested more than 500 ones involving the Last Week Tonight host.

Indeed, there have been a series that form what Oliver dubs “The Cabbage Saga,” a veritable series with a clean narrative arc about him coming to love a cabbage — to the point that he wants to marry it. Alas, while other DALL-E images are weirdly accurate, even when the users’ request is pure bananas, the one for Oliver actually tying the knot with the green veggie was, shall we say, lacking.

So Oliver decided to stage a wedding himself, on air, for his HBO show. He even got Steve Buscemi to officiate. Schools have already started opening back up. The summer heat is cooling. If you’ve been wearing shorts since June or May, you may need to start wearing pants again. So go out with a bang by watching the guy who had a Connecticut sewage plant named after him marry food, which you can do in the video above.