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People Aren’t Exactly Sad That Sarah Palin’s House Bid Ended With Her Losing To The First Alaska Native Ever Elected To Congress

Don’t call it a comeback, but only because it failed. For months, Sarah Palin — who you could arguably blame for ushering in a newer, dumber breed of Republican politician, leading to the doomed big guy himself — has been trying to edge her way back into government, partly by cozying up to Donald Trump. But her bid for a vacating House seat ended with her getting rejected by her former constituents, leading to much rejoicing.

As per CNN, Alaska held a special election to fill a House seat, albeit only for the remainder of the year. Palin was one of the candidates. She lost to Mary Peltola, a Democrat who has become the very first Alaska Native elected to Congress. The election marked a first for Alaska, which employed a ranked-choice system in which all four qualified candidates, across different parties, all ran against each other on one ballot.

Alas, Palin will get a second chance for a second chance much sooner than you’d think. The same seat will be back up for grabs in the general election, meaning Palin and Peltola will have to duke it out once more.

Palin was elected governor of Alaska in 2006, but she remained a relatively obscure figure until 2008, when then- presidential candidate John McCain chose her as his running mate on the Republican ticket. She was immediately divisive, giving bizarrely inarticulate media interviews that prompted widespread mockery. She and McCain lost to Barack Obama and the future 46th president.

Less than a year later, she abruptly resigned from her governorship, briefly became a reality TV star, and then fell back into obscurity, emerging in the last couple years as she attempted to hitch up with the MAGA movement she helped create. So far, and despite her still being an incoherent wreck, that’s been a failure, but one thing she was likely successful at was getting innocent people sick with COVID after testing positive during a trip to New York City to fight The New York Times in court. At least she lost that one, too.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing from her again, far, far too soon. But in the meantime, people were stoked that her first comeback bid was such a failure.

Some pointed to an interesting trend: Democrats are doing really well in elections since the right-leaning Supreme Court nixed Roe v. Wade.

And others were stoked for Peltola, who on top of being indigenous is the first Democrat to represent Alaska in the House in a half-century.

(Via CNN)