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Trump Is Now Floating The Bonkers Idea That FBI Raided Mar-A-Lago To Find Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Trump is back on his bullsh*t — and by that, we mean giving rambling interviews to obscure right-wing podcast claiming the entirety of the U.S. Government is out to get him.

His latest rant was hosted on the Wendy Bell show sponsored by Body by AIM 360 (what?) where Trump proceeded to blame the recent FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago on … wait for it, Hillary Clinton. Currently, Trump is footing his own legal bills in a battle with the Department of Justice over evidence he stockpiled dozens of boxes of classified material at his Florida mansion. Those top-secret files were supposed to have been surrendered before Trump left office. Instead, investigators found them just sitting on his desk and strewn around the floor of his home office.

But, instead of seeming contrite or, at least, embarrassed by this sloppy lapse in judgement (or, more likely, calculated deception done wrong), Trump is going on the air-waves to blame this latest “witch-hunt” on a familiar foe — Hillary Clinton. More specifically, Hillary Clinton and those damn emails.

“I think they thought … who knows?” Trump said on the show. “Boxes full of stuff. I think they thought Hillary Clinton … there was something to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia … They were afraid that things were in there … Part of their scam material because that’s what they are, they’re scammers.”

So, the above is just a lot of incoherent word salad but it sounds like Trump was hoarding documents about Hillary Clinton’s emails and Russiagate at Mar-a-Lago for some reason. And, instead of, we don’t know, turning them in and proving his whole conspiracy theory that he’s been regurgitating for the past six years, he just let them pile up on the floor. A weird flex, but an even worse defense strategy.