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Wernor Herzog Knows He Gets Paid To ‘Spread Terror Onscreen,’ But He’s A ‘Fluffy Husband’ In Real Life

Every interview with Werner Herzog is a treat. In a discussion with IndieWire ahead of his 80th birthday (September 5th), the documentary filmmaker reflected on his age (“It sounds like statistics. I do not really relate it”), throwing away rare footage of Mick Jagger in 1980’s Fitzcarraldo (“Celluloid creates a lot of costs for storage and it has to be cooled down. That’s way too expensive”), and whether we should make a big fuss about volcanos (“We shouldn’t make a big fuss about it”). Take that, Fire of Love.

Herzog was also asked whether he would do more acting following his recent unmistakable performance on The Mandalorian, where he was turned into an action figure. “I’ve never volunteered for it,” he said. “I’ve always been dragged into it.” Now I’m imagining Baby Yoda literally dragging Herzog to set. It’s delightful.

He continued:

“Of course, the screenplays have to make sense, and it has to be a part where I feel comfortable. When it comes to the role of a real bad-ass bad guy, I know I can do it.”

Herzog also said that he’s “paid for spreading terror onscreen,” but in real life, “my wife, who has lived with me for 27 years, will testify convincingly that I’m a fluffy husband.” Never change, Herzog… which won’t be an issue considering he’s, again, turning 80.

(Via IndieWire)