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Trump Was So Amped Up And Said So Many Wacky Things In His Speech Last Night That ‘Adderall’ Was Trending For Hours Afterwards

Is Donald Trump running for president again? When he appeared at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Saturday night, he was ostensibly there to prop up two GOP candidates sagging in the polls: Doug Mastriano, who’s running for governor, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, who’s running for Congress. But as is his wont, he mostly spoke about himself, his many enemies, and his many strange thoughts on things like electric cars, Ukraine, and Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, whom he baselessly accused of taking drugs.

Trump’s speech went on for two grueling hours. Much of it was him playing the hits. But he had some fresh material. For one thing, it was his first rally since the FBI searched the resort in which he now resides. Though Trump tried to get ahead of the news, painting himself yet again as a victim, it’s become increasingly clear that he may have committed some serious crimes. He may even wind up finally getting his comeuppance. So he did what he does best: He made dubious, out-of-nowhere claims, including about the feds searching his son Barron’s room.

“They rifled through the First Lady’s closet drawers and everything else,” a slurry Trump told the crowd, “and even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son, leaving everything they touched in far different condition than it was when they started.” He then accused the FBI and the Justice Department of becoming “vicious monsters, controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers, and the media, who tell them what to do” — he then ominously pointed to the reporters in the back — “and when to do it.”

Was Trump really accusing the FBI of planting evidence or simply being sloppy? Who can tell with a guy who was able to goad his supporters into an old fashioned “lock her up!” chant even as he himself may be heading for the slammer.

Later he got the same crowd to boo aid to Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

He also called COVID-19 “China dust” for some reason.

And he claimed “weirdo” Mark Zuckerberg visited him at the White House…last week.

He ranted about electric cars.

Oh, and he’s still calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahantas.”

And he’s still ranting about windmills.

It went on for two whole hours. At one point “adderall” was trending.

Perhaps Trump’s latest epic speech will give a boost to Mastriano, who attended the Jan. 6 Capital protests, and/or Oz, whose campaign has been slammed for making light of John Fetterman’s stroke. Or maybe it will do wonders for the campaign he may have to run from prison.