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Watch Zion Williamson’s MoCap Session To Get His Dunk Package In ‘NBA 2K23’

Each year, the folks at 2K Sports are tasked with trying to make a better version of their current flagship game, with the latest edition set to come out later this week, as NBA 2K23 hits consoles on September 9.

There are only so many advances in tech that can come each year, so the developers have to focus on adding more and more elements that can heighten the simulation experience. Among the ways they can do that is bringing players into their motion capture studio during the offseason so they can get more players actual animations and signature moves into the game — rather than just relying on their very talented MoCap players who do their best to replicate them.

This year, one of the players they were able to get into the building for some motion capture was Zion Williamson, as the Pelicans young star stopped by and hopped in a MoCap suit to throw down dunks for his dunk package in the game.

It’s always a cool process to see how studios get the actual players’ movements into the game, and given Zion is as unique and powerful a dunker as there is in the NBA, having him come by will ensure that full force is on display for players in the game.