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Charli XCX Thinks Men Who Wear Crocs Have A ‘Big Dick’

As far as casual footwear goes, you’ll be hard pressed to find any that are as comfortable as Crocs. The foam clogs are not only a popular choice for cooks around the country who are on their feet all day, but they’ve also become a fashion statement around the world. Bad Bunny made glow-in-the-dark-Crocs. Saweetie made ranch dressing Crocs (because you can decorate your Crocs with pins and it won’t affect how soft their sandal-like slip-on fit feels.) Post Malone has his own model. Everyone pretty much knows about Crocs at this point, but somehow, pop star Charli XCX just discovered them this week and she has some very pointed thoughts on them.

“Why have I only just discovered crocs?,” she tweeted yesterday. Apparently her mind just couldn’t get off of the idea of Crocs, because the “Beg For You” singer kept ruminating on what they signify as a fashion statement. “Also I feel like if ur a man who fully commits to crocs then u probs have a big dick?? that’s just the vibe I get,” she tweeted today. She later replied to a user asking about “crocs with socks” saying that, “Crocs with socks is the only way imo.”

But let’s backpedal for a second here, because it’s that first through of hers that really sticks out. I mean, that’s a pretty cold, hard take on Crocs and the men who wear them. it’s in the same vein as something Rachel Bilson brought up recently and one has to wonder whether her ex-boyfriend Bill Hader, is indeed, a part of the Crocs army?

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.