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Tegan And Sara Discuss ‘High School’ With Seth Meyers And Perform Their Song ‘Yellow’

Tegan And Sara’s forthcoming TV series High School arrives next month. They revealed the casting in March and a new trailer yesterday. Now, the Quin sisters went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss it in detail.

“We hadn’t done anything like this before,” Tegan explained. “When we sold the book, I think the first part of the process was just terror because we had to write a book. Then a couple months into it, our editor was like, ‘You need a timeline and some structure.’ We decided we would just tell our story in our own voices and just have the chapters alternate and there’s a lot of embellishment on both of our parts. It’s kind of cool when you read the book because there’s stories that come from both our perspectives and they’re very different so it’s basically like going to dinner with us.”

When asked more about the embellishment, Tegan said, “Yeah, I was like, ‘She’s lying, but that makes for a better story so we should definitely do it.’”

About the cast, Sara explained, “We were talking a lot about twins in front of our cell phones and we had not yet begun the casting process. But we were talking about twins a lot and Tegan sent me Raleigh, who actually plays Tegan on the show. She sent me her TikTok and said, ‘These girls could play us on our show.’ From that moment forward, we were really advocating for them all the time. They’re not actors. They were not musicians. They did have a lot of likes on TikTok — like, millions of likes…”

“So the most important thing,” Tegan jumped in, “that people look for these days.”

They also performed “Yellow,” from their forthcoming album Crybaby. Watch them perform the song below and watch the interview above.

Crybaby is out 10/21 via Mom+Pop Music. Pre-save it here.