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Seth Meyers Can’t Get Over The Hypocrisy Of ‘Glutton For Humiliation’ Ted Cruz

Seth Meyers is sick and tired of “just how craven and ghoulish the modern GOP has become under Donald Trump.” Case in point: The current heat wave that’s happening in much of the western part of the country right now. While, in more logical times, Meyers notes that this should serve as yet “another wake-up call to the imminent dangers of climate change,” the Republican party has instead determined it’s better to politicize the hell out of the fact that the planet is literally on fire.

In order to avoid blackouts, California governor — and Democrat — asked the state’s residents to help ease pressure on the power grid by conserving energy for a few hours each day. It’s a small ask and one that so far has proven successful. Yet Ted Cruz couldn’t help himself from pointing out that Newsom made this request from a place that was clearly air-conditioned. Yes, Ted Cruz: the same man who high-tailed it out of the country the moment the Texas power grid failed and left his constituents to freeze to death. Or, as Meyers put it:

This mid-November jack-o-lantern, who sounds like Urkel swallowed a kazoo, decided to chime in on the whole thing in a way that revealed a complete lack of shame and self-awareness for no other reason than he’s apparently just a glutton for humiliation.

But Meyers was incensed by Cruz’s comments for reasons beyond the sheer hypocrisy of it all. He also wanted to remind viewers that “unlike California, Texas’ deregulated power grid actually DID fail during that deadly snowstorm in 2021. And remains so fragile that Texas officials basically did the same thing as California earlier this year.” In fact, Texans were asked to actually turn up their thermostats and cease operating any major appliances from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. when faced with a heat wave earlier this year.

“Six hours! That’s just enough time to book a flight to Cancun and then have your neighbors — who apparently all hate you — rat you out to The New York Times,” Meyers helpfully noted. “Remember that? When Cruz invited his neighbors to come to Cancun with him, and instead they called the newspapers to complain about how much of a dipsh*t he was.”

You can watch the full clip above.