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People Are Remembering Anthony Bourdain’s Unforgettable Reaction To Someone Toasting The Queen

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has inspired countless memoriams, including a confusing one from onetime monarch critic Johnny Rotten. But she — and the monarchy — remain controversial. Among the social media detritus to surface in the wake of her death was a video of Anthony Bourdain from 2018, in which the late chef and globetrotter made one hell of a face when someone he was dining with toasting the queen.

The clip was from Season 11, Episode 3 of Parts Unknown, which aired in 2018 and found Bourdain wandering about Newfoundland. It finds him in Raymond’s Restaurant in St. John’s, at a table with fellow chefs David McMillan and Frédéric Morin, about to casually enjoy some white wine.

Alas, one of Bourdain’s fellow diners makes a faux pas, at least in his eyes, uttering the words, “To the queen.” The toast causes Bourdain to pause, slowly put down his drink, and treat the toaster to some serious side-eye. He then says, “No, I hate the aristocracy, man.”

The clip was shared by multiple people, racking up hundreds of thousands of likes each. It’s a reminder that not only was Queen Elizabeth II far from infallible, but that Bourdain was never afraid to speak his mind, even when sitting down for a nice dinner with colleagues.

(Via Newsweek)