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Chris Barnett Celebrated A TKO Win With A Front Flip And Double Fisted Beers From The Crowd On His Way Out

Chris Barnett had the time of his life on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

The heavyweight improved his record to 23-8 with a stunning knockout win over Jake Collier in the second round, when he came back from some brutal damage in the first round to reverse the script and pummel Collier for about a minute straight before the ref finally had to step in for the TKO stoppage as Barnett unleashed dozens of punches and hammer fists to Collier’s head while in a commanding top position.

After the stoppage, Barnett proceeded to put on a celebration for the ages in and out of the Octagon, starting with a sensational front flip to a seat.

He then danced to the crowd’s delight as the official time of the TKO was read, clearly living his best life out there.

Barnett wasn’t done though, as the celebration was just starting. As he strode back to the locker room from the Octagon, he snagged not one but two beers from fans in the crowd and proceeded to double fist them while taking pics with fans and having an absolute blast.

This is exactly how I want to see athletes celebrate, and given the beating he took early in the fight it shows he’s a different breed to take that, keep it moving to earn the TKO win himself, and then want to just drink and dance after. I’m not sure where, but Barnett is gonna cut a rug somewhere in Vegas tonight and run up a nice tab.