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A Very Drunk LSU Fan Wandered Onto The Field In The Middle Of A Play

There were a lot of college football teams that had a tough time as home favorites on Saturday, but LSU was not one of them as they came off a dreadful Week 1 loss looking to get some positivity going.

While No. 6 Texas A&M and No. 8 Notre Dame were beaten by Sun Belt squads on their home turf, the Tigers welcomed Southern for a short trip to Tiger Stadium in rude fashion, thumping them 51-0 in the first half. This was the expected response playing an FCS squad after the way they lost to Florida State, but the first half did feature one surprising and hilarious moment.

A clearly very drunk LSU fan decided he needed a break from the crowded seats and should take a stroll for some fresh air. The problem was, he decided to take the most direct route for this, striding out of the stands and onto the field, wandering to the 10 yard line in the middle of a play and just soaking it all in.

It’s an absolutely hilarious move as he just throws his hands on his hips and takes a look around, and he doesn’t even see what he did wrong, getting into it with the police at Tiger Stadium and defiantly refusing to leave the field until he is slammed to the ground and unceremoniously cuffed and hauled off. Luckily he won’t miss much in the second half and hopefully he can sober up before a walk home from the precinct.