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Danny DeVito Is Very Excited (Almost Horny?) About Hoagies In This New Jersey Mike’s Commercial

Danny DeVito is a man of extremes. On one hand, he hates all the crap Trump’s right-leaning Supreme Court did early in the summer. On the other, he loves the new (and shocking, to some) animated show he does with his daughter so much, he went off a delightfully bizarre Twitter tear. The actor and filmmaker also loves hoagies. Who doesn’t?! Hoagies are great. He likes the delicious/unhealthy sandwiches so much he’s shilling for one of the better hoagie chains.

On Monday, DeVito revealed he’s cut an ad for Jersey Mike’s, the chain that leans more into the unhealthy end of hoagie-dom. Where Subway claims you can actually lose weight by eating their hoags, Jersey Mike’s goes all-in on such fattening meats like pepperoni, cappacuolo, and prosciuttini. They’ll even throw some hoagie relish on there, which is probably not great for your blood pressure either.

Anyway, the ad finds DeVito completely freaking out over his freshly-prepared hoagie, making goo-goo faces, licking his lips, pacing back and forth through the joint as his meal is prepared layer by layer. It actually seems like he’s doing the ad out of genuine love for the product.

The combination of DeVito’s enthusiasm and tasty/bad-for-you foodstuffs may even make you want to go to Jersey Mike’s and get a hoagie or whatever you call them based on where you’re from — a hero, a grinder, a torpedo. Did you know some places call them a wedge (Westchester or Yonkers, NY) or a spuckie (Boston, natch) or (allegedly) even a gondola (Peoria, IL)? Pretty messed up.

(Via Fast Casual)