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The 1975’s Matty Healy Clarifies His Comment About Rejecting An Ed Sheeran Opening Slot

The 1975 leader Matty Healy shared some surprising news recently: In a New Yorker interview published a few days ago, he revealed that Ed Sheeran asked The 1975 to open for him on tour but he declined the opportunity, saying, “I tend to say no to stuff for money. I don’t know how you can write this up without it being rude or inappropriate, but I just got offered a four-month tour next year of stadiums with the biggest singer-songwriter in the world that would’ve made me money that I’ve never even seen or heard of in my life.”

He continued, “The thing that’s stopped me just doing that is because — I don’t care. It’s not worth it. Not because I don’t like Ed Sheeran. I think he’s, in a lot of ways, a genius, and he does what he does better than anybody else. But opening up for somebody and not just being real, that’s the kind of stuff I think about.”

Now, he has clarified his comments, noting that nothing he said had to do with having any sort of disrespect for Sheeran. Yesterday (September 12), he tweeted, “just to be clear I have mad respect for Ed Sheeran and I didn’t decline sharing a stage with him I just wanted to do our own shows instead and he’s always been so nice to me personally and publicaly so don’t start a twitter thing for fun.”

Meanwhile, The 1975 is in the midst of promoting their recently announced album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language, which is set to drop on October 14.