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Elle Fanning Sure Seems Convinced That She Looks Like Bill Hader, And…Maybe?

This year’s Emmys were a mildly chaotic affair, far as awards shows go. No celebrity hit another celebrity on stage on live television, but one celebrity did pretend to play dead while another delivered an acceptance speech. One of the more low-key out-there bits didn’t really come to light till the day after: Elle Fanning sure seems convinced she looks like Bill Hader.

The star of The Great spoke to Access Hollywood on the red carpet (as caught by Entertainment Weekly), and apart from talking about dresses and whatnot, she also brought up an idea she spotted online.

“There is something on Twitter that I saw that I look like him,” Fanning revealed. “And I love it! And so Nicholas Hoult — who is in the show with me — all we want to do tonight is I have to get a photo.”

She seemed to agree with the claim, exclaiming, “We have the same nose!” She even did her best impersonation of Hader on Barry, staring into the camera with a knowing look, daring people to see the similarities. She then went off in pursuit of Hader. “I would die,” she said. “I’ve gotta reel him in!”

Did they wind up taking a picture together? If so, one has not yet been made public. Had she tracked him down, she would have had to convince him to lower his KN95 mask, as he seemed to be the only celebrity at the ceremony wearing one.

Anyway, is she right? Wrong? You can watch Fanning make her arguably dubious claim below.

(Via Access Hollywood and EW)