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Björk Releases ‘Ovule,’ A New Single And Video That Explore Love

In August, eccentric pop star Björk announced her new album Fossora, which arrives later this month. She unleashed the chaotic lead single “Atopos” last week, and now she’s back with a much calmer track called “Ovule.”

Her vivid, idiosyncratic storytelling is the centerpiece of the song: “Whеn I was a girl I felt love was a building / I marched towards our deadly demonic divorces demolished the ideal,” she sings, drawing out each syllable and hypnotizing the listener. In typical Björk fashion, “Ovule” comes with a mesmeric video full of unsettling imagery and massive, colorful outfits. The emotion is intensified through her vehement movement as she performs to the camera.

On Instagram, she shared a statement about the song:

“ovule for me is my definition of love
it is a meditation about us as lovers walking around this world
and i imagine 2 spheres or satellites following us around
one above us that represents ideal love
one below us representing the shadows of love
and we ourselves walk around in the third sphere of real love ,
where the everyday monday-morning meet-in-the-kitchen-love lives in.”

Watch the video for “Ovule” above.

Fossora is out 9/30 via One Little Independent. Pre-save it here.