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Roger Stone Pissed Off His Pizzagate Followers By Posting A Portrait Of Himself And A Pizza (And A Pepperoni Necktie)

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s delicious, it’s bad for you, and it’s versatile. You can put whatever you like on it, and it so inspires creativity that one city can have dozens of distinctive and delicious pies. But you know who doesn’t like pizza? Those who believe in Pizzagate. They’re so committed to their baseless (and dangerous) conspiracy theory that they even turned on one of the loudest purveyors of weird conspiracy theories.

As per The Daily Beast, TrumpWorld hanger-on and former Nixon fixer Roger Stone innocently posted a portrait of himself sitting in front of a pizza pie, while wearing a pepperoni necktie. He had no idea what he was in for. Soon Pizzagaters were hitting his mentions. “Really? Pizza Roger? Not a very good look with all that’s going on with all the perverts,” one person wrote. Said another, “Not a good look man. Delete or they use against u.”

Stone eventually responded. “Sometimes pizza is just pizza. Nothing more nothing less,” he wrote — a neat summary of how far into the weeds the GOP has gone. The next day, defiant against some of his nuttiest followers, Stone doubled down, writing, “Great Pizza is often found in the most unlikely places.”

Pizzagate was a conspiracy theory that took off in 2016, alleging that a “Democratic sex dungeon” was secretly housed in the basement of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria. Said pizzeria doesn’t even have a basement. Despite being easily debunked — and despite inspiring actual threats of violence — it was just the beginning, helping spawn the likes of QAnon. Apparently it never really went away.

(Via The Daily Beast)