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People Have Thoughts After Ron Johnson Awkwardly Stumbled Through A Fox Interview And Stated ‘I Condone’ White Supremacy

Every now and then, the GOP let slip the truth. Earlier this year, George W. Bush tried to condemn the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” of Ukraine, but instead said Iraq, inadvertently slamming the disastrous war over which he presided. Whoops! On Monday, it was Jan. 6 apologist Ron Johnson’s turn to accidentally tell us what he really thinks.

The MAGA senator went on Maria Batiromo’s Fox Business show to, of course, talk about Republican’s favorite topic: the current president’s non-politician son. They got a little off topic, instead discussing Jim Jordan’s recent claims that investigations into “so-called domestic violent extremism” (i.e., Trumpists) were overblown. Johnson agreed, claiming “cyber threats” and “drug trafficking” were more pressing issues. He then went over his record.

“When I was chairman of Homeland Security, we’d have an annual threat hearing. And my ranking member would always be bringing up white supremacy which you know, I condone,” he said. Johnson quickly caught himself, saying, “I mean, I condemn.”

Problem is, a lot of people thought Johnson — who has done things like call COVID “over-hyped” — was right the first time. The slip inspired a lot of Freud jokes.

It also inspired lots of laughter and face-palms.

Others reminded people to believe people when they say who they are.

And others pointed out that Johnson is up for re-election, running against the Democrat Mandela Barnes.