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Noted Red-Faced Loon Alex Jones Appears To Be Becoming An Even Bigger Red-Faced Loon With Each Passing Day Of His New Trial

Alex Jones continues to derail his own defense in the ongoing defamation lawsuits brought by the parents of Sandy Hook victims. His latest stunt involved holding a press conference just steps away from the Connecticut court where his latest trial is taking place.

Despite already being on the hook for a cool $49 million to the family of one of the children killed in the 2012 massacre, Jones went on a tirade about the poor treatment he’s faced from the judicial system and the media during both cases. During his minutes-long rant (via Raw Story), Jones admitted he “did say things that were hurtful and not true,” likely referring to the claims he made years earlier alleging the shooting was a hoax. But, he quickly absolved himself of any guilt adding, “as an American, I have a right.”

The InfoWars host went on to attack the justice system and the media reporting on the case saying he showed up to every deposition and court appearance but was turned away, presumably by the judge.

“The headlines were ‘Jones doesn’t show,’” he shouted. “They said we don’t want you! I show up yesterday. We don’t want you! I show up today! We don’t want you!”

There’s no evidence Jones was turned away from attending his own trial, but that didn’t stop him from losing it on the press, growing hysterical as he accused reporters of printing lies about him.

“And this guy is going to report I didn’t show up today!” he shrieked while pointing at a reporter. “That’s lying! That’s corporate fake media and that’s shame on you!”

Jones also tried to argue that his coverage of Sandy Hook was minimal and that there’s a conspiracy in place to make it seem like InfoWars profited off his claims more than the company actually did. It’s been reported that Jones made millions from his hoax theories, but to hear him tell it, Sandy Hook coverage only amounted to a small percentage of what he talked about on the show.

“They didn’t find us premeditatedly with some Lex Luthor plan to get rich off Sandy Hook,” he screamed. “It was a small part of our coverage. Their evidence is like 24, 23 minutes of me talking about this.”

If someone would like to pull the tapes, we’ll wait. Until then, enjoy Jones’ full meltdown above

(Via RawStory)