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Myles Turner Won’t Be Traded Before The Season, According To Pacers GM Chad Buchanan

For years on end, Myles Turner has been the subject of trade rumors and reports. Most recently, there have been reports about a potential deal between the Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers that would send Turner and Buddy Hield to Los Angeles in exchange for Russell Westbrook and draft compensation, yet those talks fizzled out.

According to Pacers General Manager Chad Buchanan, however, any deal including Turner will not materialize prior to the start of the 2022-23 NBA season, which he announced during an interview with 107.5 The Fan, Indianapolis’ flagship ESPN radio station.

Turner has one year and $17.5 million remaining on his four-year, $70 million contract. He’s a premier defensive center, particularly adept in drop pick-and-roll coverage and as an interior rim protector. He’s improved as a switch big and expanded his offensive aggression, though remains inconsistent on the latter front.

His combination of floor-spacing and defensive aptitude could certainly benefit quite a few teams. The issue, presumably, seems to be a disconnect between what Indiana believes he should fetch in a trade and what suitors believe they should offer the Pacers for him. That issue appears long-standing, too. The key distinction here should be noted that Buchanan saying he won’t trade Turner prior to the season. The language does not imply a move could not materialize before February’s trade deadline.

Given Turner is a free agent and Indiana has prioritized its youthful development, Turner being on the move is still a plausible outcome. It just won’t come before mid-October, at the earliest.