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Offset Explains Why He Believes Jay-Z Is ‘The GOAT’: ‘Bro, On Rap, You Can’t Play With Him!’

In a new clip making the rounds online, Offset spoke to Complex‘s Speedy Morman, and was asked about who his “GOAT” (greatest of all time) rapper would be. His response? None other than Jay-Z.

“I gotta say Hov — all his sh*t is platinum,” Offset said. “So, sometimes the success is the reason why people say he’s the greatest of all time, what he did after Rap. Bro, on Rap, you can’t play with him! You can’t play with him since the beginning of time. He always had the biggest records, he always got the biggest people and did the biggest records, and he still come back and make impactful records, right now.”

“That’s a fact. Some of them more than platinum,” Speedy replies.

“If Jay do a verse right now, everybody wanna hear it to support what the man saying,” Offset continued. “Twelve bars, ’cause it’s not a—then he so up but his flows be so relatable.”

Offset also lists his GOAT interview moment. While Speedy lists his interview with Ray J, Offset lists a tense 2017 red carpet moment featuring Akademiks. “You got to look at act two though, during the interview,” he said.

At that year’s BET Awards, DJ Akademiks found himself in the middle of a feud between his Everyday Struggles cohost Joe Budden and Offset’s group Migos. Things went south after Akademiks pointed out that member Takeoff didn’t have a verse on the trio’s hit song “Bad And Boujee.” Budden walked out of the interview, which only escalated things before security stepped in to stop an altercation.

Watch Offset’s Complex interview responses above.