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‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Trying To Unblur A Photo After The Writers Shared A Cruel Tease For Season 5

There was a three-year gap between seasons three and four of Stranger Things for… reasons. The wait for the fifth and final season of the Netflix series shouldn’t be as long, but don’t expect it to be, like, surprise-released in time for Halloween. The writers are still in the whiteboard portion of breaking down the season, as the @strangerwriters account revealed in a cruel tease on Twitter this week.

“Grid complete,” the tweet reads, along with a blurry photo of the season five story grid. Don’t bother yelling “ENHANCE” like you’re in a Jason Bourne movie, though. It won’t help. Believe me. But that hasn’t stopped Stranger Things fans from trying to decipher what the heck the whiteboard says — and/or thinking their internet connection stinks.

“Yall confession i woke up at like 4am and saw this on my tl and i spent like 20 minutes trying to fix my wifi cuz i thought that was why it was blurry literally got up from bed and restarted the router and everything,” @thvsinks tweeted, while @willeldefender wrote, “i tried unblurring a section but it just looks like a murder scene.”

Only one person has cracked the code:

As long as one of the squares reads “Steve has six little nuggets,” I’ll be happy.

(Via @strangerwriters)