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Teacher hilariously explains why you should mind your business in her class

Teachers are pretty amazing human beings. They come in to school early to usher kids off buses, monitor the halls and cafeteria all before greeting kids walking into their classroom with a smile. Teachers also quickly get to know their students’ personalities and quirks around how they each learn best. A teacher on TikTok who goes by the screen name Teacher Chronicles22 hilariously explains how well she knows her students and why people who come to her class should just mind their business. I’ll give you a hint. Things get a bit weird in a her class but all of the children are on task.

You may be wondering what could be so weird that she’d make a whole video to tell people to mind their business. It’s simple. She has a few “wiggle worms” in her class. These are the kiddos that have a hard time sitting still when doing a quiet activity like reading or working on worksheets. They’re still learning, but they’re just a bit more kinetic than the other kids in the class. One of her students likes to turn himself into a human bowling ball while he reads his books. The visual image that comes to mind is pretty funny.

Imagine coming in to ask to borrow a stapler only to see a 7-year-old rolling around on the floor with a book while everyone else is focused on their work. You might begin to think you’ve bumped your head, or perhaps the kid has bumped his head and needs some sort of medical attention. Either way, you should probably take this teacher’s advice and just mind your business. Her class, her students, her rules. She’s got it covered. Check out the video below.

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