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Jimmy Garoppolo Ran Out Of His Own End Zone For A Safety

In 2008, Dan Orlovsky etched his name into NFL infamy with one of the all-time funny and terrible plays the league has ever seen, when he rolled out while backed up on his own goal line and just ran out the back of the end zone for a safety.

The now-ESPN analyst has had to live with this shame his whole life, never being able to escape this as his claim to fame and seeing this clip run over and over and over as people laugh at his expense. On Sunday, the best thing to ever happen to Dan Orlovsky arrived in Denver, when Jimmy Garoppolo joined him in the very exclusive club of quarterbacks to drop back into an accidental safety, with an equally funny play against the Broncos — that actually was good for the Niners because if he hadn’t stepped out it was going to be a pick-6.

Garoppolo’s might honestly be worse, as he’s been a starter a lot in the NFL and should know his surroundings well enough to, you know, stay within the boundaries of the field in this situation. Instead, he adds to a long list of career bloopers, possibly knocking his terrible interception from last year’s NFC title game off the top spot of his own personal list.

As for Orlovsky, he was watching and had the only response he could, cackling with glee to finally have some company.