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Bob Odenkirk Will Star In ‘The Making Of Jesus Diabetes’ Alongside Some ‘Better Call Saul’ Alums

Last year, when filming the final season of Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk collapsed on set and was rushed to the hospital. He claims he would have been dead if it weren’t for his co-stars who helped revive him. Soon enough, Odenkirk was back on the saddle delivering one of the best performances of the last year (which the Emmys will maybe recognize next year).

After the close call, Odenkirk said that he had a “new lease on life” and is ready to take on plenty of projects that are sent his way. He is set to star in AMC’s upcoming series The Straight Man, and now he will star in a new comedy movie (from his writer/actor buddies Andrew Friedman and Michael Naughton) titled The Making Of Jesus Diabetes.

Odenkirk will star and write in the film, which is based on Naughton and Friedman’s original sketch characters. The story will follow two brothers who attempt to make a movie about diabetes to honor their late mother. Odenkirk will play Leo, a “shifty man with a dark past.” The movie will be co-produced by Michael Day, who declared, “Jesus Diabetes is a refreshingly funny script from start to finish.” He added, “With this cast and this script, it’s a recipe for laugh-out-loud entertainment.”

This will be a mini-reunion for the crew: Friedman and Naughton both appeared on a season four episode of Better Call Saul as employees of Neff Copiers, who Jimmy tries to scam, in a classic Jimmy fashion. Filming is expected to begin next spring.

(Via Deadline)