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Elisabeth Moss Has Some Notes For Her Big-Screen Debut In A Hulk Hogan Movie

Elisabeth Moss‘ career peaked not with The Handmaid’s Tale or Mad Men, but the Hulk Hogan movie where she asked the wrestler to get her cat out of a tree.

The Emmy-winning actress dropped by The View on Monday to discuss the new season of her never-ending Hulu series, as well as her big-screen debut in Suburban Commando, one of Hulk Hogan’s many crummy, kid-friendly 1990s movies. “I was like eight years old, I had booked a job, and that was cool, and he was this big star,” Moss said about the disgraced wrestler. “And I had a role and something to do and I took it probably just as serious as I would take anything on The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The View played a clip from the movie, in which Hogan successfully rescues the cat from the tree (if only he could saved the Mr. Nanny dog) but accidentally launches Moss in the air. After co-host Sara Haines joked that Moss’ crying has “gotten more subtle,” she replied, “I think the crying has gotten a little better, I hope. I have notes.”

You can watch The View chat with Moss above (the Suburban Commando talk begins around 3:25). Meanwhile, The Handmaid’s Tale season five is available on Hulu now.