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Frankie Cosmos Find A Sense Of Relief On Their New Single ‘F.O.O.F.’

Frankie Cosmos are set to release their new album Inner World Peace next month. After the release of previous singles “One Year Stand” and “Aftershook,” they’re giving us another taste with the endearing “F.O.O.F.” which comes with an equally enjoyable music video made by artist Cole Montminy.

“For me, ‘F.O.O.F’ is about creating random boundaries and schedules for yourself in an attempt to feel in control,” explained bandleader Greta Kline. “Feeling time passing at varying speeds and time traveling with music. I love Cole’s art, and we were all so excited and grateful they were on board to make this video. I’ve struggled with feelings of isolation as a result of the pandemic, combined with escalated use of technology. This video embodies that, and the ending provides a sense of relief and freedom from those feelings. We could all stand to smash our computers and go touch some grass.”

Clocking in at two and a half minutes, the laid-back song soars by the listener and puts them in a soothed daze. Kline’s vocals are enchanting exhales that encapsulate that sensation of exhaustion that the pandemic has sparked in most people. The ballad is relatable and therefore provides a lasting sense of comfort.

Listen to “F.O.O.F.” above.

Inner World Peace is out 10/21 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.