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A ‘House Of The Dragon’ Easter Egg Delivers A Nod Toward ‘Sesame Street’ Characters

(Warning: Spoilers for House Of The Dragon below)

Every once in a while, writers for a big hit show love to throw in some little tidbits here and there to make the dialogue more interesting. Let’s be honest, sometimes they need some filler words for their allotted 60 minutes of screen time, and they might need to get creative!

In the latest episode of House of the Dragon, you might have noticed a peculiar name. Okay, yes, they all have non-conventional names, but Daemon and Corlys are pretty standard for the George R. R. Martin lore. While at the council meeting, Queen Alicent, now portrayed by Olivia Cooke, asked about Lord Grover Tully, whose family is ruling the Riverlands. The brief name drop was nothing major…unless you are familiar with the Muppets/GOT crossover that takes place in the book series.

In Fire & Blood, Martin’s Targaryen-focused installment in the series, he introduces various family members with…familiar names, via Polygon:

Then as now, the riverlords were a fractious, quarrelsome lot. Kermit Tully, Lord of Riverrun, was their liege lord, and nominally commander of their host…but it must be remembered that his lordship was but nineteen years of age, and ‘green as summer grass,’ as the northmen might say. His brother Oscar, who had slain three men during the Muddy Mess and been knighted on the battlefield afterward, was still greener, and cursed with the sort of prickly pride so common in second sons

There is Kermit, the “green” Lord, and Oscar, the “prickly” brother. Their father’s name? Elmo! See, even Martin can have a sense of humor in between slaughtering fan-favorite characters.

There are Muppet references sprinkled throughout the novel, so there might be some more references to come throughout the series. Maybe Rocco will make his debut?

(Via Polygon)