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The Future Of That Long-Awaited Fourth ‘Star Trek’ Movie Is In Jeopardy Again As It’s Been Suddenly Yanked From The 2023 Release Calendar

Chris Pine has had it rough. On one hand, he plays a key supporting role in the number one movie in America. On the other, that film is Don’t Worry Darling, which improbably became the most scandal-plagued movie of early fall. His part in the flak was more lighthearted: He zoned out hard during the film’s awkward Venice Film Festival presser, and he was the (alleged, but probably not) recipient of some (almost certainly fictitious) spit during its debut screening. But now one of his biggest forthcoming movies has vanished from the release schedule.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has yanked the long-in-the-works fourth Star Trek movie from its December 2023 slot. Three things. One: This doesn’t mean it’s never happening. Two: It was very unlikely that the studio would get a big budget fourquel only announced not that long ago off the ground in just over a year. Indeed, when the fourth Star Trek was given a go it was a surprise to some of the Pine-era cast. And three: Last month it lost its proposed director, WandaVision’s Matt Shakman, who is likely doing the MCU’s attempt at a Fantastic Four movie instead.

Whatever happens, it just means waiting longer for a follow-up to a movie that, as of this writing, came out six long years ago. Star Trek Beyond — which was co-written by the film wing’s resident Scottie, Simon Pegg — took a series that got a little too big for its britches with Star Trek Beyond and stripped it down slightly. It almost felt like an episode of the show, with its self-contained story largely regulated to a single alien planet. But until the Pine crew gets back together, there’s always that very pretty new version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture to hold you over.

(Via THR)