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‘Stranger Things’ Taught Shawn Levy How To Keep A Hugh Jackman-Sized ‘Deadpool 3’ Secret

The world learned today that Hugh Jackman was definitively reprising his role as Wolverine for Deadpool 3, but director Shawn Levy has had to keep his mouth sewn shut about it for weeks now. Fortunately, his experience working on a highly spoilable show taught him the zen-ish patience needed for such silence. He tweeted “I want to take minute to thank #StrangerThings for training me to keep my big mouth shut. This news has been burning a hole in my lips for weeks now.”

To be fair, Stranger Things is a fantastic training ground for keeping your mouth shut. It’s a global phenomenon with tons of fun/horrifying reveals that millions of internet sleuths are salivating over. That’s the kind of pressure that can turn a motor mouth filmmaker into a patient secret keeper.

Even cooler, a fan unearthed Levy talking about the potential for Deadpool and Wolverine to get together earlier this year when he was doing press for The Adam Project. He raved about wanting to be the one to get Reynolds and Jackman on screen together (again), and it looks like the mystical fairies beyond The Secret heard and answered him. Sometimes you put something out into the universe, and it comes back to you with a foul-mouthed pansexual playing buddy copy with The Wolverine. It also helps that Levy directed Reynolds in Free Guy and directed Jackman in Real Steel, so he probably already had their phone numbers.

(via MovieWeb)