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Thigh Society – makin’ it easy to love ‘thigh-self’

Now that fall is here, there’s one thing in particular that doesn’t go away with cooler temperatures: chub rub. If you’ve never experienced the excruciating friction that can come from sweaty thighs rubbing together, well, count yourself one of the lucky few. For the rest of us mere mortals, Thigh Society’s slip shorts are our saving grace! Here’s why:

Big thighs, small thighs, dimply or pimply ones, furry ones, shapely ones – no matter what your thighs look like, they take you where you want to go. Which is why you need to take care of them. This female-founded company gets that. And that’s why they’ve created the ultimate thigh protectors. Because Marnie, the Thigh Society founder, experienced the very same thing: chub rub. That anytime rub that leaves your legs chafing and you feeling uncomfortable in your skin.

To combat this, Marnie would wear thick, rubbery bike shorts that, if we’re being honest, really weren’t a solution. Why? Because they ride up, roll down and don’t breathe, which is really annoying and uncomfortable.

So, in 2009, Thigh Society was born with one mission in mind: make all thighs happy. So they invented the most incredible slip short: The Cooling. *Cue the hallelujahs* our prayers were answered! She finally found a solution to prevent thigh chafe! But in doing so she also realized that no two thighs are the same (maybe not even the two on your own body!) That’s why these shorts come in four different fabrics, four different lengths, and seven different sizes: from XS-6X! Because everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in, and one-size certainly does not fit all. That’s why Thigh Society has something for *almost* everyBody.

These shorts are not shapewear, because Thigh Society doesn’t want you to hide who you are. Meaning, these aren’t the suck it in and make it disappear slip shorts. These are the sun salutations, WFH, lazy Saturday, wander through the park in a dress for hours, shorts. They’re the anytime, anyplace, feel great shorts.

And with hi-tech performance fabric that pulls heat and moisture away from the body, the Cooling style, in particular, is ideal for traveling thighs, active thighs, lazy thighs and your kind of thighs! They are ultra-thin and lightweight. They’re that thinnest base layer that can keep things smooth, without bulk. And with eight different colors, the only thing left to decide is: “can you get one of each?”

Because chub rub plagues so many of us and can strike at any time of year, Thigh Society’s size-inclusive chafewear is the answer to our prayers. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself! The Cooling is your under dress, thigh protector, comfy non-shapewear, anti-chafing answer that will carry you through everyday activities, comfortably.

Celebrate and empower your natural body in these light-weight, comfy styles that feel good and look great, whether they’re under a dress, a pair of jeans or for when you just want that naked but not naked feeling!

Check them out here and feel the difference that proper slip shorts can make!

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