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DK Metcalf Riding The Cart To The Locker Room To Poop Had Paul Pierce Trending

Whenever a player leaves the field on the cart, it’s always cause for concern for fans, as it’s usually an indicator of a significant injury. In Detroit on Sunday, Seahawks fans were in a bit of a panic when DK Metcalf was seen taking the cart back to the locker room after not having a clear issue on the field.

While speculation swirled, the Fox broadcast brought a welcome (and funny) update for Seahawks fans, as Metcalf wasn’t dealing with an injury of any kind, but was instead just dealing with a bathroom emergency with a disaster scenario in play if he were forced to try and jog back there.

This explains why Metcalf was just hanging out on the cart, legs dangling off the sides, without a trainer on there with him, but it’s also incredibly funny that he was in such dire need of a bathroom break that he needed to take the injury cart to the back.

Naturally, Metcalf’s ride to the bathroom reminded fans of one of the all-time great sports conspiracies, where Paul Pierce’s wheelchair exit from an NBA Finals game was actually so he could go poop — something Pierce once confirmed but then insisted he was joking — and led to Pierce’s name trending on Twitter.

We had a poop emergency scandal recently in football involving Lamar Jackson, but he denied “pulling a Paul Pierce,” but it seems DK won’t be able to escape the Pierce allegations this time.