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JJ Watt Had His ‘Heart Shocked Back Into Rhythm’ On Thursday But Will Still Play Today

JJ Watt’s commitment to the game of football has never been in question, as the former Texans and now Cardinals star defensive lineman has battled through a number of injuries in his career to get back onto the field. Watt has dealt with a dislocated elbow, herniated disc, abdominal tear, broken leg, torn pec, torn labrum, torn bicep, and various strains throughout his career.

However, this week Watt will be playing after something a bit scarier than a muscle or ligament injury, as he explained in a very matter of fact tweet on Sunday. According to Watt, he went into atrial fibrillation on Thursday and had to get his heart shocked back into rhythm after dealing with an irregular heartbeat, but the star still intends to play on Sunday afternoon in Carolina as the Cardinals take on the Panthers.

Issues with the heart are not something to be trifled with, but Watt has apparently been cleared by the team doctors and his own after this week’s scare, but one would think he’ll be monitored closely on Sunday and in the coming weeks. He seems adamant about his ability to play and wanted to get out in front of the situation before it got reported, but there’s still plenty of concern from fans about his health status entering Sunday and beyond.