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Crumbl Cookies Face The Wrath Of Social Media As Consumers Deem Them Overrated

Crumbl Cookies, a brand started by two cousins in Utah known for their extravagant cookies and eye-catching aesthetic pink boxes, has taken the country by storm in the five years since its inception. The cookie chain is now over 300 bakeries strong across 36 states nationwide with no signs of slowing down. But how much of that is because the cookies actually taste good and not because they’re incredibly Instagram/TikTok-able?

Considering Crumbl drops a new lineup of gourmet cookies every week, opinions across social media are pretty mixed — even amongst die-hard Crumbl fans who anticipate the latest drop as if it’s a fresh pair of AJ 1s.

It’s easy to see why, this week Crumbl’s lineup consists of a caramel apple cookie, a pumpkin roll, something called Aggie blue mint, a peanut butter M&M cookie, pink sugar, and good ‘ol milk chocolate. There is no way all of those cookies are good, right? Some of them don’t even sound like cookies! It seems like the general consensus is that Crumbl cookies are way too expensive (a pack of six will run you over $15) and way too sweet, but I’ve also seen a lot of talk about how they taste like “Play-Doh,” which isn’t sweet at all, but salty — probably more of a texture note, if I had to guess.

Anyway, Crumbl cookies are sometimes so extravagant they don’t even look like cookies anymore, and that seems to be a real turn-off for cookie fans. Here are some of the reactions to their latest drop.