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Elton John Paused His Performance To Ruthlessly Roast The Mets For Getting Swept By The Braves

Talk about getting kicked when you’re down. Of all of the people that the New York Mets are getting bagged on by right now for losing a grip on the NL East division race to the Atlanta Braves this past weekend, nobody could’ve predicted that Sir Elton John would be one of them. But the pop music legend did exactly that on Sunday night, treating his audience to some sports trash talk during his concert.

John is in the midst of his final tour, known as the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. On Sunday night at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, just before he played the set closing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in the encore portion of his performance, he had to talk a little baseball (of course?). John, who moved to Atlanta in the early ’90s during the Braves’ heyday, is a noted supporter of the ball club and following their Sunday Night Baseball win over the Mets, which secured a series sweep and put the Braves up two games up in the division with four to go, got a little frisky.

“Something that makes me very happy tonight: The Braves swept the Mets,” he said from behind his piano. He held his fist up victoriously and then said, “Yeah baby!”

Whew… that’s a rough one for Mets fans. And look, even thought the Mets are about to lose a division race they’ve led for 90 percent of the season, they’re still a lock for the postseason as a wild card team. And hey, it could’ve been worse: At least John didn’t try to lead the crowd into the atrocious tomahawk chop.