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What Does ‘Lykiri’ Mean From ‘House Of The Dragon?’

As House of the Dragon continues to expand the Game of Thrones universe, there are some parts of Westeros we are only beginning to understand. The show is so rich with imagery and symbolism that there is no choice but to investigate further, which is why people on Twitter wanted to know, “WHAT IS LYKIRI?”

Since there are a number of languages in the Game of Thrones canon, it is a little hard to keep track of what means what. High Valyrian is the language used by the Targaryens and Velaryons, which means that some words can be understood by dragons. In episode 7, a new command was muttered by Aemond as he approached the terrifyingly gigantic dragon Vhagar. “Dohaeras. Lykiri. Soves.” Many people who don’t speak High Valyrian were understandably confused! Of course, the dragon knew what was going on.

If you didn’t take the High Valyrian course on Duolingo, then you wouldn’t know, but luckily, that’s what the internet is for. Aemond was literally saying “Serve. Calm down. Fly” in order to keep the dragon focused, which is pretty important considering that she is one of the most powerful dragons in the world. So yeah, it’s basically a dragon passcode.

Even though things are looking grim for former best friends-turned-enemies Rhaenyra and Alicent, at least the fans get to learn some new High Valyrian words to try out!

(Via Esquire)